How to Avail the Best Business Financing Options

Every now and then, small business owners may have a propensity for needing dire business financing. Keeping a functional business can be hard, especially with the incoming of fresh and challenging financial needs of a new and small firm.There arrives a point in a business cycle when a small firm finds itself in a requirement of immediate ready money to cover their short-term firm expenses.

Whilst having admittance to conventional financing is always more desirable, it is just not as pragmatic in the real world. The traditional financing sources hold such approval rates, which are incredibly low (at times, as little as 20%). They have the capability of picking and choosing files in an exploration of the lowest risk openings to sponsor. Also, you still require a decent, if not grand credit score to even avail for an alternative financing option. But don’t lose hope yet, as there are further alternatives for you yet. Mostly, small business owners have taken up the merchant cash advance lending in the present times as a viable source of getting working capital.

Merchant Cash Advance versus Traditional Business Financing Loans: What is the Best choice for your small Business?

A business loan and an MCA are two viable financing choices that make small businesses available with necessary working capital. Whilst both can be a first-rate financing opportunities, the way that both the merchandises are structured can differ greatly.

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We can be of assistance here for you in deciding between a financing loan versus merchant cash advance. Given below are detailed examples of each financing opportunity and a detailed contrast by putting the two side by side and evaluating the best one available. We are also going to discuss the qualifications and rates, in addition to how fast you can get your due business financing.

  •         Working procedure: In financing loans, a lump sum amount is given out in exchange for fixed monthly payments. On the other hand, the merchant cash advance refers to the lump sum cash advance in exchange for a proportion of the credit card sales on a daily basis.
  •       Date of maturity: In business loans, the maturity date is fixed, whereas an MCA financing has variable terms.
  •         Repayment Schedule: In business loans, the due amount is set, based on the accumulated principal and interest. In contrast, the amount varies in an MCA lending, based on the cut of day to day credit card sales.
  •         Key qualifications: In business loans, there is an obligatory requirement of the annual revenue and the personal credit score. Conversely, Credit Card Sale History and the Personal Credit Score.
  •         Maximum Loan Sum: In business loans, the maximum allotted loan sum is characteristically Equal to 20% of the annual revenue. On the other hand, in merchant cash advance, the maximum loan sum is set by up to typically 50% of the Annual Sales on the client’s Credit Card.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advance business financing is not a loan in the technical sense. In place of loaning the client the required ready cash, the providers of merchant cash advance buy up the forthcoming credit card sales at a concession. This denotes that the client is given a lump sum cash advance payment, which can be paid off with just a portion of the debit or credit card receipts on a day to day basis.

This portion is known as the ‘holdback percentage.” While it is constant all over the life of the cash advance, receipts on credit card tend to vary every day and the everyday dollar amount that you pay off is variable. Consequently, there is no due fixed date to pay off the cash advance. This can mean that the that the annual percentage rate can widely vary. Nevertheless, in most cash advance instances, the clients are allowed to pay back the advance in 4 to 18 months.

Loan Costs and Repayment methods of a Merchant Cash Advance business financing:

As a small business owner, seeking to make use of a merchant cash advance business financing, you will characteristically need to pay off 20% to 40% of the borrowed amount. This proportion is known as the ‘factor rate’.This holdback percentage depends on:

  •         The total amount of funds that a business gets
  •         The duration of time it takes to pay off the cash advance
  •         How large the monthly sales on the client’s credit card is

How much time Does it Take for Getting a Cash Advance business financing?

The time for a cash advance to process can differ depending on the MCA provider or firm, which is being employed for getting the cash advance, over and above the total sum advanced. The bigger the funding sum, the additional due diligence required by the MCA lender.

Mostly, the merchant cash advances more than $100,000 tends to trigger more and more need for increasing the due diligence throughout the underwriting course. This may also lead to the funder requiring supplementary documents. Whereas a minor cash advance requires only a credit application, and credit card or bank statement, the larger cash advances may call for an Accounts Receivable Summary report, loss and profit statements and even the tax returns.

Having said that, the small cash advances can be quickly funded — typically on the next day itself; although some business financing companies can even deposit cash on the same day. The larger cash advances ranging between $100,000 to $1,000,000 or the long-term cash advances can even take a complete week or so to deposit the funds.

With such an easy and available business financing opportunity via merchant cash advance, small businesses can now avail the option of obtaining loans on an unsecured or secured basis. MCA can help you as a business owner to contract the money that you need in a faster way and with a smaller amount of problems, irrespective of you having a bad credit score.

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When to ask for a business financing by way of a merchant cash advance

Going for a merchant cash advance can a sensible idea mostly for the seasonal businesses or those businesses having a high rate of credit card revenue. Here are some instances when it absolutely makes sense to opt for a merchant cash advance:

  •         When the client does not wish for a loan record on their credit report: As a business proprietor, if you are attempting to build your credit score or are scheduling for a large buy, for instance, purchase of a new house, you may not fancy for a loan to show up on the credit report. In this case, a merchant cash advance is perfect as it does not typically show up on the credit report.
  •         When the client runs a seasonal type of business:As a result of the terms of repayment, an MCA is a great option for the seasonal business proprietors. This is since the repaid amount comes to be fewer when the owner is making less sales and the repayment sum similarly increases when the owner makes more sales. This is in contradiction of the business financing loans, which have fixed payments monthly irrespective of the performance of the business.
  •         When the client is an online merchant: You can be a prime candidate to avail for a merchant cash advance when you are an online business merchant who conducts the majority of the sales online. This is for the reason that you will be up for receiving a high amount of cash advance in exchange for just a percentage of your credit card receipts on a day to day basis.

Bottom Line:

A Merchant cash advance business financing can enable your small business to be capable of getting the lump sum ready cash in advance which is then deducted out from the day to day credit card transactions processed by your business. As the cash is automatically deducted, you need not have to be concerned about any occasional late payments.

As a small business owner, there may be often times, an occasion of needing dire working capital on an urgent basis. In such hard time to pay off your due bills on time, owing to suspensions in payments from the regular customers, a business financing by way of a merchant cash advance can be of assistance. The immediate cash advance can allow a business owner to cover his or her business bills and make payments to the employees, whilst they wait for the ready cash to come in.

In the current business scenario, a merchant cash advance business financing is taken up by most small and big business owners as a viable substitute for the traditional business loans. Apart from directly making contact with an MCA provider, you can also avail for MCA via online forms to get your quick business solution!


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