Making A Decision Between an ACH loan and a Merchant Cash Advance

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 In the alternative lending marketplace, it can be difficult for a business to decide which source of lending is best suited for its short term and long term needs. For instance, it can be quite difficult for a business to decide which one of a merchant cash advance and an ACH advance is the right

 Small Business Funding and the Merchant Cash Advance Industry

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Small business funding through merchant cash advance providers is something that is now regularly being adopted and gaining more significant attention in the small business community. Because the credit market remains tight and the inability for small businesses in particular to gain access to business funding has been quite critical, alternative lenders, in general, have

Taking a Closer Look at Merchant Advance Funding

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Merchant advance funding is one of the leading ways through which small businesses obtain the much-needed working capital without having to resort to commercial banks or business credit cards. With 61 percent of small businesses finding it difficult to obtain financing from traditional sources, there is hardly a better for alternative lenders in general and

What the Future Holds for Small Business Cash Advance Loans

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The rise of small business cash advance loans coupled with other alternative lending options has resulted in something like a buffet of funding options for small business owners. These small business owners rather eager to explore alternative lending solutions have more often than not rejected by larger financial institutions. Merchant cash advance lenders on their

How does a MCA loan compare with other alternative lending options

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Whenever one speaks of alternative lending, in all likelihood one is referring to non-bank lending. One implication of this is those other lenders who even structure their lending services in the same manner as commercial banks are lumped under alternative lenders. Of course, it might be accurate to say that such alternative lenders will differ

Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and Small Business Funding

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For small businesses in need of business finding, there are quite some options that are available. Before this time, small business lenders have had to depend almost exclusively on commercial banks for all forms of business credit. However, things have changed so much in the world of small business lending. This in large measure is

What Small Business Owners Should Know About Merchant Funding

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There has hardly been a better time for the merchant funding industry than now.  We live in a time when the demand for business funding coming from small businesses, in particular, seems to be at an all-time high. This might appear to be an overstatement until one begins to look at the findings from some

Which Should You Select Between a Business Line Of Credit And Merchant Cash Advance

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The fact that small businesses now have so many options when it comes to the issue of obtaining business funding from external sources has made deciding on which is the best course of action to be very difficult. Even though a one-time loan from commercial banks used to be the number one choice, small businesses

Instant Cash Advance for Small Business Owners

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Small businesses have been responsible for some of the many innovations that we have seen in the real economy. In recent times, small businesses have been at the forefront of a revolution which is challenging one of the fundamental aspects of doing business in our time. The somewhat radical change in the area of small

Why Fast Merchant Cash Advance Has Become So Popular Among Small Business Owners

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The emergence of fast merchant cash advance, as well as its remarkable consolidation in the lending sector, now means that small businesses have a viable alternative to commercial banks when it comes to the issue of seeking business funding. There are several reasons a business might need external funding. It could be because the business