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All About Commercial Trucking & Transportation Loans

American Trucking Association states that in about 10 years, the demand for trucking services will rise by 30 percent, meaning there will be a lot of needs for tractor-trailers to be on the road to accommodate the rise in demand. This presents a great opportunity for those in the trucking and transportation business. To support your business’ growth, BFNYC provides commercial truck financing solutions necessary for you to capitalize on this opportunity as well as cover other business expenses. Our extensive trucking and transportation funding solutions are designed for companies like yours.

The Quick and Easy Commercial Truck Financing Solution for Your Business:

How can a Loan Help your Business?

Benefits of Trucking and Transportation Loans

Trucking and transportation companies have many different expenses to cover. To do so, many different companies have taken advantage of Transportation and Trucking business loans since they’re a great way to maintain cash flow while capital demand is still constant in the market. Companies decide to make different loans and apply them to different aspects of their business. Whether they’re used to pay fuel expenses, maintenance of their trucks or, some others took the loan to finance new vehicles, loans are a great way to maintain a solid cash flow in a business.

Types of Transportation Companies Funding

When we think and research about financing companies, it’s normal to find many different types, with many questions accompanying them. It is an important decision to make and it may sometimes be complicated or confusing.

So, let’s visit the most common types of financing companies that you will find in the market:

  • Commercial truck loans from banks: In most cases, local banks do not offer this type of loan because they perceive it as a risky investment. However, National Banks commonly offer truck loans as well as some other alternatives for this purpose. These types of financial plans are rarely an option for small companies, but there are other solutions.
  • Commercial truck loans from online lenders: Online lenders are a great choice if you do not meet the bank’s requirements. Lenders usually apply higher interest rates on the loans, but they also give shorter terms and fewer qualification requirements.
  • Commercial truck loans from truck financial companies: This alternative makes the paperwork easier, and working with experts on the field will also make the entire process way faster. These businesses are only focused on trucking and other vehicle Another advantage is that they manage lower interest rates and help you evaluate the optimal loan you need for the vehicle.

None of the companies is better than the other. They all offer different benefits depending on your financial situation, business objectives and status, and current needs in order to get the best solution for your case. It’s important to know what different companies are available in the market in order to understand which one fits better for you.

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At BFNYC Business Founding, we understand what your necessities are and we are committed to providing the appropriate solution that fits your needs. We compare dozens of business loans at once in order to get to the one that solves your business’ financing objectives. When a bank says no, we say yes. You will be able to receive funds within 24 hours to make your business grow. We accept any business with six months of operational time and any FICO score; we understand that businesses have their highs and lows. For more information on our services, you can visit our website or give us a call at 1 877 969 4569.

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