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Information We Collect

We, Business Funding New York  collect information required to verify your identity, to determine whether or not you qualify for one of our loan products, and to process your account including deducting automatic payments. We collect information that includes your bank statements, credit card statements, your average bank balance, personal and business credit history, tax ID number, social security number, bank account information and payment behavior. We also obtain your credit score from the three credit bureaus. Once you are a customer, we may reach out to you for information again if you decide to renew your loan.

Privacy and Sharing of Information

By providing us the required information as outlined above and in your application, you are granting Business Funding New York and our trusted business partners and service providers access to it. Your information is held securely by Business Funding New York and our trusted partners. We may share your basic information (Name, Company Name, Phone, Email Address and Requested Loan Amount) with one of our business partners.

Security of Information

Business Funding New York takes the security of your information very seriously. Business Funding New York protects your information using bank-level data security: 128 bit-encryption and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

If you allow Business Funding New York to see your banking information online rather than in paper form, it is on a read-only basis. We do not have access to change, edit, or modify bank account information in any way.