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3 months of business bank statements required, & a minimum of 9 months in business

Funding Up To $750,000 

A line of credit is a flexible short-term financial tool that you can use for a variety of business needs, from working capital to purchasing inventory and more. You draw it down as needed and repay weekly or monthly.

A Business Line of Credit, also known as a “LOC” is a type of loan that provides business owners with access to working capital needed to fix cash flow issues and other fulfill other short-term business needs. You draw funds from a line of credit when you need them: Whether it’s once a day, but it also could be once a month or even just once a year.

Unlike a loan, which is generally for one specific purpose, you can use a business line of credit for many different things at once.

What’s Needed To Qualify for a Business Line of Credit?

Both Secured and Unsecured Business Lines of Credit will require your business to be in good standing. Here are some basic qualification requirements:

  1. Minimum personal credit score of 620
  2. 3 Bureau Credit report that shows a score above 620 with open trade lines
  3. Full name, address, Date of Birth, email, and phone number of any potential applicant is all we need to qualify
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