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24 04, 2018

Obtaining Fast Small Business Loans from a Merchant Cash Advance Lending Company

By | 2018-04-20T15:44:29-04:00 April 24th, 2018|Merchant Cash Advance|

The vast majority of small businesses rely on one form of funding or the other to stay afloat. This is because as many as 80%  of small businesses are unable to raise the capital required for growth and expansion activities from within the business. It, therefore, behooves the business owners to determine the best course

19 04, 2018

Small Business Survival and the Alternative Business Lending Industry

By | 2018-04-20T15:38:53-04:00 April 19th, 2018|Merchant Cash Advance|

The alternative lending industry has often been considered as disruptive and harmful to the survival of the traditional lending industry. The reason is that of the somewhat radical changes which the industry has introduced to the world of small business lending. Merchant cash advance providers lead the alternative lending industry. Merchant vendors provide the most

17 04, 2018

 Small Business Funding and the Merchant Cash Advance Industry

By | 2018-04-20T15:32:50-04:00 April 17th, 2018|Business Capital|

Small business funding through merchant cash advance providers is something that is now regularly being adopted and gaining more significant attention in the small business community. Because the credit market remains tight and the inability for small businesses in particular to gain access to business funding has been quite critical, alternative lenders, in general, have

12 04, 2018

Taking a Closer Look at Merchant Advance Funding

By | 2018-04-13T08:36:13-04:00 April 12th, 2018|Business Capital|

Merchant advance funding is one of the leading ways through which small businesses obtain the much-needed working capital without having to resort to commercial banks or business credit cards. With 61 percent of small businesses finding it difficult to obtain financing from traditional sources, there is hardly a better for alternative lenders in general and

10 04, 2018

What the Future Holds for Small Business Cash Advance Loans

By | 2018-04-13T08:30:55-04:00 April 10th, 2018|Business Capital|

The rise of small business cash advance loans coupled with other alternative lending options has resulted in something like a buffet of funding options for small business owners. These small business owners rather eager to explore alternative lending solutions have more often than not rejected by larger financial institutions. Merchant cash advance lenders on their

5 04, 2018

Which Should you Choose Between an Unsecured Business Line of Credit and a Merchant Cash Advance?

By | 2018-04-13T08:25:11-04:00 April 5th, 2018|Business Loan|

Often, a business has to choose between two or more sources of credit. The simple reason for this is that not all forms of business funding will be favorable to a business at all times. Being that this is the case, a business has to carefully examine both sources of financing—assuming the options has been

3 04, 2018

Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and the Sphere of Alternative Lending

By | 2018-04-04T07:58:47-04:00 April 3rd, 2018|Business Loan|

The alternative lending industry to which merchant cash advance lenders belong is a growing industry of digitally based lending platforms for different borrowing needs. The needs of small and medium scale enterprises are often given priority in this industry. In the last ten years, the alternative lending industry has witnessed so rapid a growth that

29 03, 2018

How does a MCA loan compare with other alternative lending options

By | 2018-04-04T07:52:10-04:00 March 29th, 2018|Business Capital|

Whenever one speaks of alternative lending, in all likelihood one is referring to non-bank lending. One implication of this is those other lenders who even structure their lending services in the same manner as commercial banks are lumped under alternative lenders. Of course, it might be accurate to say that such alternative lenders will differ

27 03, 2018

Why a Small Business Should Opt for a Credit Card Processing Loan Instead of a Line of Credit

By | 2018-04-04T07:56:27-04:00 March 27th, 2018|Business Loan|

A credit card processing loan is one of the two main options that are available to a small business that has found it so difficult to obtain funding from traditional sources. The other option is a business line of credit. But, there are certain aspects in which both a line of credit and a credit

22 03, 2018

Merchant Cash Advance Lenders and Small Business Funding

By | 2018-03-22T13:07:41-04:00 March 22nd, 2018|Business Capital|

For small businesses in need of business finding, there are quite some options that are available. Before this time, small business lenders have had to depend almost exclusively on commercial banks for all forms of business credit. However, things have changed so much in the world of small business lending. This in large measure is