Get Started With Florist Business

For people who love flowers and have passions in arranging flowers and creating floral centerpieces for various occasions, you can be a great candidate for starting a flower shop business.

To help you get started with the business, in this article we will provide you guidance on how to start your florist business.

Business Requirement
You will definitely need capital money to start a florist business, the average capital required for this business is between $10,000 to $50,000. This should be enough to cover start-up expenses, but not including lease for the shop or office. To save operational costs, you can run your florist business from home so you don’t need to spend money on office or shop rental. Your garage, yard or balcony can be the ideal place to operate your florist shop.

The good thing about running a florist business is that you can do this part-time. Create a website where customers can send their orders online or through phone calls so you don’t have to stay around the shop the whole day. You don’t need to quit your primary job or leave your family behind.

With florist business, you basically can manage everything on your own, and hire contract employees to help you when orders are plenty during peak seasons (such as during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc). Florist business is a seasonal business, hence why you should save your expenses during the low seasons to keep your business afloat when dealing with the peak seasons.

Market Research
Most of your orders will come from people celebrating special events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, special occasions, funerals, etc. Ideally, your services should flower selection, arrangement, on site set up and decoration, home/office delivery, floral design consultation, and other florist services.

Provide selection of products which include bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, funeral stands, casket sprays, tower displays, flowers in boxes or vases, potted flowering plants, and many more.

For supplies needed for the florist business would be:

  • fresh flowers and greens,
  • Decorations: ribbons, baskets, stands, cutters, containers (boxes, vases, pots, chests),
  • Shop & Office utilities such as calculator, cash register, fax and phone, computer, Internet connection
    online shop/website
  • flower display racks and display containers, flower vitamins, refrigerator,
  • and add-ons like chocolates, fluffy toys, perfumes, etc.

Take Advantage
Build partnerships with your local flower farmers to supply you with native fresh flowers and other ornamentals you can use for your arrangements.

It’s always better to buy supplies in bulk, or accept orders in bulk so you can hedge on a cheaper per unit cost. Allow lead times for delivery of special products, but do offer a la carte flowers that you can supply and deliver fast.

For promotion, use word-of-mouth from local customers or display your products at every local events. As a startup, you don’t need to spend so much on advertising.

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