Merchant Cash Advance: The Best Source of a Business Loan

As a business owner, you’re unsure about where businesses like yours normally get business loans from. Being a new business, there are many options to go with, but some of them might not provide the benefits you’re after. Your business needs a loan that is going to provide you with the freedom of covering the costs of running said business, but you also want to ensure ease of use. You want to ensure that you’re obtaining something that is easy to pay back and is going to come with the benefits of covering all of your business’ expenses.

With the right loan for your business, you can feel much more confident borrowing from a top rated loan company, instead of waiting for months for another. Take the  time to learn about alternative lending solutions for a business loan that you’re in need of. Your business should prosper with the right help.

Alternative Business Loan Options

For busy business owners, it is important to search for the correct alternative business loan options out there. These loan options understand where businesses are coming from, and want to provide them with a way to meet their needs without having to worry about not being able to use the loan how they wish. Of course, traditional banks are handing out loans, but they have many guidelines that businesses have to meet. Even then, they’re not guaranteed to be approved for the loan they need since there are a handful of other guidelines the business has to meet in order to qualify.

Due to this, alternative Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) loans are currently on the rise. Many traditional banks are not getting the usual customers that they once had because of the strictness found in their guidelines. No one wants to borrow from them simply because they do not have the means to qualify. They also do not want to wait the long periods to get the help that they need, as this can cause a delay in the business purchases that they originally need the loan for.

Understanding different alternative MCA loan options is the best way to go. You have to make the right decision on which one is going to provide you with the best choice when it comes to funding your business.

Making the right decision can ensure that you get the right funds when they’re needed the most.

MCA Loans for Busy Businesses

MCA loans are an alternative business loan option. They provide the business with a way to seek outside the boundaries that come with the normal, everyday banks that are out there. With their help, you can feel much more confident when it comes to acquiring financing, but also ensure that you obtain financing without having to jump through hoops.

Unlike traditional bank loans, these do not take a long period of time to obtain. You can have the funds that you need within a week from applying for them. Additionally, the process of applying is simple and you can rest assured that you will receive the necessary amount.

MCA Loan VS Traditional Loan

Take a look at the simple steps that are needed in order to obtain an MCA loan, as compared to a traditional bank loan process for any loan needed:

MCA Loan

MCA loans are the best alternative funding option and can provide the user with a laid back, quick experience unlike other loan out there.

  1.    Go online and apply for the loan. This takes just minutes, can be done from anywhere that you have internet access and does not ask too many questions.
  2.    You’ll be contacted by the broker you chose, providing you lending options to go with. Each one presents a different set of stipulations.
  3.    Contact the broker with the necessary paperwork that is required by the lender for the loan.
  4.    Receive the loan in your business account within 72 hours from sending in the paperwork.

It is that easy! Now let’s compare it to the traditional loan option.

Traditional Loan

A traditional loan is one that is applied for through a traditional bank system. Generally, this is a business loan that you would go to a bank to find out more about.

There are no real steps that need to be taken for this type of loan, as the timelines and the specifics are all over for these loans. A lot of times, it is mostly just waiting around for the bank to see what they need and if they can push you through for the loan.

They generally want a decent amount of paperwork from the business in order to find out if they qualify. Additionally, you have to have great credit and an established history as a good business within the community. They sometimes will deny businesses, even if they have these specifics. They are very selective on who they decide to work with.

Additionally, the business has to be ready to wait for long periods of time. Once they fill out the application at the bank, they then have to wait weeks to find out if they’re approved. They also have to wait once they are approved to obtain the loan since there is a lot of paperwork involved in providing a business loan to a company.

With all of this said, many businesses are looking to streamline the process and go with something a bit simpler for their many needs. They do not want to go through this big process in order to obtain the right loan and they do not want to worry about not being able to pay the business expenses when they’re waiting for the traditional loan to come through.

Benefits of a MCA Loan Compared to a Traditional Bank Loan

There are benefits that come with an MCA loan, as well as downfalls. The same is true for a traditional bank loan. Comparing this two side by side can provide you with the information you need to make a sound decision on which to go with for your company. You want to choose the best one, through the use of this information, you’re easily able too.

Benefits of MCA Loans

The benefits of MCA loans are extensive, but here are some of the top picks of those out there that have used the business loans through brokers and lenders willing to work with them.

  •    They provide a fast way to get any loans when you need them
  •    They have a quick, streamlined process to get funds
  •    Do everything right online, no need to go sit in offices or talk over the phone
  •    You choose the lender you want to work with from options personalized to your needs
  •    Do not have to hand in multiple papers or sign a bunch to get the loan
  •    Have the loan within a week from start to finish
  •    They do not use your credit score or history to determine if you qualify for the loan
  •    You can use the loan for whatever you need to purchase for your business
  •    Easy repayment plans that take percentages of payments made to your business

Benefits of Traditional Bank Loans

Some have found that they do have benefits with traditional bank loans, but it is important to note that every person has a different experience.

  •    They are a secure way to get money
  •    They can help with the financial logistics if needed
  •    They provide a loan that is made for one specific purpose
  •    They show on your credit report as good standing


Business loans should not be hard to obtain, but sometimes they can be if you’re searching in the wrong places. Make sure to look into the MCA loans out there and then choose which one is going to work with you depending on the needs that you have.

Qualifying for an MCA Business Loan Made Simple

Qualifying for an MCA business loan has been made simple to ensure that busy business owners do not have to go through a lot of processes in order to obtain the loans. The MCA lenders are also more lenient on what you can and cannot have when it comes to qualifying for their loans.

One of the biggest things that people loved about MCA loans was that they do not go off of your credit history or score. You do not have to worry about being denied a loan because your score is too low. You can ensure that you have the right loan, when it is needed, but also know you can qualify, even if you have less than perfect credit. This is something a traditional business loan is not going to offer you.

Additionally, you do not have to have years of business experience. As long as your business has been open and successfully running for 6 months or more, you can qualify for the business loan through MCA lenders. They just want to see that you have a steady income generated from clients and customers that use your business on a daily basis. This is where your repayment plan is going to come from. MCA Lenders have to ensure that your business is actually making money.

They want to see businesses flourish, which is why they provide these loans that are going to help numerous businesses out when they cannot get funding from other places. Traditional bank loans are a thing of the past.

The process is simple and they guarantee almost every business to get a business loan through them when it comes to applying for them. You just have to be the one to get out there and actually apply. The process is simple and you do not have to go through a lot of steps in order to get what you want. You can make the most of the business loans and what they come with.

Find out more about the brokers and lenders that come with the business loan that is personalized to the business needs that you have. They’re there to help you.

Working with a MCA Broker and Lender

Since this is a loan that is made for your business, you have a personal MCA broker and lender that you work with. The broker is randomly chosen when it comes to applying for the loan and they’re the first to contact you and work on the loan that you need. You can contact them with any questions or concerns you might have.

The broker is your connection to the lender that you’re going to be working with. This is someone you can trust, much like the broker that you would work with at the bank. You need to be able to speak with them regarding the business loan you’re trying to get and if you have any specific questions regarding it. This is going to make a difference when it comes to whether or not you want to use the loan.

The brokers are personable and they’re there when you need them. You just have to be the one to ask questions, give them a call or find out if they have a business loan that is going to fit the needs that your business has.

The lender that you work with on the MCA loans are the ones that are fronting the money for your business. They’re the ones that are trusting in your business and your company to make the right decisions and move forward with the loan that is going to provide them with the trust that they need when borrowing.

The lender can speak with the business that is borrowing if there is an issue but they’re generally not the one to speak with, as the broker can smooth out any issues that the business or the lender might have. They’re the ones that are going to work for both parties during the transaction.

If ever there are any questions or something goes wrong, speaking with the broker can ensure that the troubles are solved. They provide the best help when it is needed to ensure that everyone is happy with the entire transaction. Plus, small businesses can prosper with the help of the lender and the broker handing out the business loan.

How are MCA Loans Paid Back?

Many businesses want to know how these loans are paid back. Not only because they want to make the right decision on the loan that they choose, but they want to ensure that they’re prepared if this is the business loan option they choose to go with. Paying the loan back is actually quite simple, since there is nothing for the business owner to remember to do.

When you choose the lender, they give you information on the percentage that is going to come out of every debit and credit payment that is made by the company. This is how you’re going to pay them back when it comes to borrowing the money. This is an easy way that is going to get them everything that they need, without having to worry about making one lump payment each and every month.

This also ensures that the loan you borrow gets paid off quicker. The more business you get, the more payments go out with each payment made to your company, paying the loan off quicker.

Traditional bank loans want you to pay a set amount each and every month. This can be daunting for a business owner, as they have to make sure to take a certain amount out of the money that they make to put towards the payment that has to be made to the bank. This can be tough when there are plenty of things that have to be paid.

With the use of a MCA business loan, this is not a problem. They take a small percentage and you don’t have to worry about late fees or falling behind on the payments, as they have already taken what they needed from the payments for the day. The same goes for the following days until the loan amount and interest is fully taken out.

Once you have paid all of this back in full, you can actually apply to obtain another MCA business loan from the same lender if you choose. You’re in good standing and you might be able to get a better rate when you choose the same lender that you already have a relationship with.

This is why choosing an alternative loan can be an ideal way to go when the time comes to cash out on the benefits of a business loan from somewhere other than a traditional bank.

Grow as a Business in the Community

With the help of MCA business loans, many businesses are growing in their communities. They’re gaining traction while also gaining attention. Whether they work in a small or medium-sized community to a large city, these business loans are helping them meet the goals that they have. This is not something that many traditional banks can offer their borrowers, which makes it a great enjoyment of MCA brokers that connect business owners with the lenders that are willing to provide the loans that are needed. They are there when the business needs them, because they want to see them grow and prosper within their markets.

When you become a good standing business within a community, this is a good marketing effort that you do not have to do much with your own marketing to achieve. This can be done through the use of a loan that puts you at the top. Speaking with the broker on the many ways that this loan can be used, as well as any further details will help you rest assured knowing you’re choosing the best business loan company to work with.

If you’re ready to further your business along, then you need to check into all that comes with a MCA loan and what you can obtain from it. With so many businesses out there growing because of the help that they got from these loans, it is now your turn to do the same.

Are You Ready to Apply?

There is no need to worry about where you’re going to obtain that business loan from. With the help that these loans are providing their clients with, you can feel much more confident and comfortable knowing you have someone right there by your side that believes in your company and wants you to succeed.

This is the biggest reasons why MCA loan lenders and brokers do what they do. They want to help the economy and this means helping small, newer businesses gain the funding that they need. You don’t have to worry about not being able to hit the ground running. Just apply and receive, it is as simple as that. There are no roads to cross or bridges to jump.

Why wait?

You can cash out on these MCA loans today. All you have to do is apply right online for the business loan that you need. Make sure to put in all of your information and a broker will contact you with the many options that they have for you to choose from. It is your time to shine as a business, just let MCA business loans help you along your journey.

Sign up for a MCA business loan today and see what they have to provide you with. You might be surprised that these types of loans were around for some time. You just perhaps never heard of them before. They’ve been helping businesses for years and now they’re able to help yours when you sign up for the business loan your business needs to succeed within the busy, fast-paced market it is working in. Sign up for MCA loans now!

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