Ways To Increase Your Fashion Store’s Sales & Customer Experience

As an owner of a fashion shop,your main goals for the business must be on how to maintain the performance of the store and win the competition with your business peers. This means your business relies a lot on the customer’s experience soon as they enter your store.

As customers browse your shop, checking at price tags and pondering upon your offers or deals, once they found the thing that they like and thinking to buy, you must provide the service and assistance that will help them making that decision to buy. Providing a fitting room would be the most ideal assistance you can give to your customers, because they can have direct experience to the item they are thinking to get.

Providing the right fitting rooms to your customers will help to improve your customer’s experience and in the end helps to increase your sales. But to do this, you need to provide a comfortable fitting rooms, instead of just providing them with a tiny area in the corner covered with curtains and mirror. With an attractive and comfortable fitting rooms, your customers will have a better experience with the item they are thinking to buy and at the same time increase your store’s image to the customers.

As the penultimate step in your customer’s retail experience, it’s definitely worthwhile re-evaluating your fitting rooms and making a few small improvements.Here are five simple and budget-friendly ways you can do it:

Choose persuasive colors
Due to the size of fitting rooms which tend to run on the small side, it is best to choose the right colors that will make the room appear more spacious and open. Pastel colors and creamy tans all have soothing, calming effects, perfect for keeping stressed customers feeling positive.

Room Facelift
Fix the exterior of the room, give them a facelift, change the squeaky doors, anything to make the rooms feel more inviting and reassuring.

Flattering Lighting
Never install super-harsh lighting in your fitting room because it emphasises every imperfection and spot of cellulite that will ruin your customer’s mood to buy. Choose dimmers in the fitting rooms that will let you adjust the lighting at different times, so you can keep it low and flattering when people are trying on clothes but bright when cleaning up at the end of the day.

Right Temperature
Pick a temperature level that you’re happy working in, but make it easy to adjust whenever a customer is feeling overheating or shivering inside the rooms.

Exceptional Customer Service
There’s nothing more annoying than being pestered by an overly keen sales assistant, especially when you’re trying on clothes. Before your customer heads into the fitting room, let them know they can shout on you for help or extra sizes, and then leave them alone.

Do you have any other top tips for creating sales-boosting, welcoming fitting rooms customers will love? Leave a comment and let us know. And if you need to get business funding to finance the renovation for your store, you can contact us at info@bfnycap.com

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